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Welcome to B&D Lilies®. Lily bulbs to be harvested in late September and early October are being evaluated now and more lily bulb cultivars will be uploaded to this site as the growing season progresses. (4.30.21) There are no lily bulbs left in our cooler for spring planting; please consult our Fall 2021 listings for planting bulbs this fall and bloom next summer.

While the world focused on toilet paper shortages a year ago, overlooked was that Covid also led to a world wide shortage in bulbs - lilies in particular. We did not receive a single bulb of 'Casablanca' this spring for planting and eventual harvest in 2022. First introduced to the garden trade by B & D Lilies in 1987, all mature bulbs have been planted for the Fall 2021 / Spring 2022 catalog. It is possible that 'Casablanca' will sell out early. (Sorry, no back orders on any lilies for spring delivery.) Fall catalog sales in 2020 were closed on Aug. 20 - when in a normal year - there were still bulbs available to plant into mid November. Such will be the case again, with approximately 20% fewer bulbs available from our early harvest in late September into October. To avoid disappointment, order “must haves” to plant this fall, rather than waiting until all available varieties are listed over the next few weeks.

As one Dutch broker put it in their recent newsletter, “ A year ago, bulb growers may have panicked a bit which is now resulting in a reduced bulb production acreage (mainly in lilies)... That, together with a huge global demand for bulbs, is resulting to a scarcity of bulbs on the market”. They went on to say, “ wait (sic) for weddings to be allowed again, there will not be enough white flowers in the world to supply the demand!”

Orders received during the summer months are kept in strict numerical order. We begin processing orders and charging cards within our internal system late July to early August. Your credit card charge or canceled check will lock in those bulbs for you and you alone. Although in the fall we ship by region, with the coldest areas mailed first, the computer still “fills” and saves orders as they were received. You can usually add to your order up until the day it is shipped for varieties still available. We expect to begin mailing out bulbs (Priority Mail) the week of October 11, so you might want to pre-dig planting holes in cooler climates.

Thank you for the opportunity to help beautify your garden.
[Website updated - Wednesday, June 23, 2021]
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