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Order now for Spring 2022 Planting. Bulbs scheduled for Fall 2021 delivery are now "Sold Out". (Last year this happened on August 20th and this year it was Aug. 29th.) Due to the recent unprecedented demand for garden lily bulbs, our late harvested bulbs for Spring 2022 sales will also be in short supply, so do not wait until late next spring to place your order. (For those who missed out on Johan Mak's hybrids this fall, when bulbs are counted from his harvest, those special varieties will be listed in Late October for Spring 2022 planting.)

We will start processing credit cards in Mid February for orders placed now, so please be sure your expiration date is 03/22 or later. If earlier than March of 2022, please be sure you give us a good contact phone number.

The difference between fall and spring planting you might ask? Spring planted lilies will be about 20% shorter the first year and flower about two weeks later than their fall planted counterparts.

Sad to report, 'Casablanca', which we introduced in the United States back in 1987, appears to be gone. We have approximately 140 bulbs for spring delivery and after that, it is gone forever. While similar white lilies will probably carry the 'Casablanca' name, we however will not offer “pseudo” Casablanca to our customers. Consider rather 'Paposo' or 'Nova Zembla' as alternates. A bit shorter and about two weeks early to flower, they are superb garden selections and carry the same Casablanca scent.

Thank you for the opportunity to help beautify your garden.
[Website updated - Sunday, December 5, 2021]
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