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Queen of the Lilies

Spicy Orientals
These lily bulbs (Lilium) produce some the the most exotic and showy flowers in the plant kingdom, with casual observers often mistaking Oriental Lily flowers for huge orchids. They prefer slightly acid, well-drained soil; where temperature are consistently above 90 degrees F. during the summer, plant in dappled shade or where the hot afternoon sun will be blocked.  40th YEAR ANNIVERSARY SALE on packages of 6 bulbs. Prices shown are for discounted price. No further discounts apply.

Lily Bulbs the size of your fist or smaller should have 5 to 6 inches of soil covering them. The old adage of "2-1/2 times the depth (of the bulb) works here. If you have heavy soil, it would be better to plant a bit more shallow or use a raised bed for better drainage.

Photo shown is in a hybridizing greenhouse and the colored ribbons are selections that will be planted out for further evaluation under field conditions. Oriental lilies come primarily in shades of pink, red, rose and white. Some clones with L. auratum have produced yellow banded lilies, such as 'Cat's Eye.
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