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Contact Us
Please write down and use my private email address in the photograph to send a message to us. I apologize for any inconvenience, however over the years, this has been a simple way to keep down spam emails.

Please note: We have disconnected our business land line.

The telephone wire going past our property has been slowly degrading over the years. The last straw was when our two phones had no dial tone, and I could not get repair to issue a ticket even after two days of online "chat". Altogether, I spoke to 9 different reps over two days, who kept passing me to another person, asking the same questions all over again. Talk about frustrating.

Crackly phone service or no dial tone has been an annual event for the past 10 or 12 years when the autumn rains begun, but it has never been so hard to get repair. Living in the country has its rewards, but technology can be irritating at times. Because we were retiring, and most people simply email at their convenience, we had planned to disconnect the line in a couple of months anyway. Questions about your order on file, or about shipping in April, 2024, or how to grow are easily answered via email.
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