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Flower and Garden Shows

Bob and Dianna discontinued exhibiting at the Flower and Garden shows in 2018. B&D Lilies® was one of the last original, plant market exhibitors who only offered plants, not imported gardening gizmos. Our years of displays (and design awards) were a labor of love, and many of you became friends over the years and though many of whom we only saw during show hours, you gave us much delight with your annual visits. Because the concrete floor setups, show hours, and tear down were taking a heavier toll on our bodies each year, we needed to make a change. It made sense to spend more time and energy to provide even better service to all of our customers – not just those in limited areas of Washington State, Oregon, California, Montana, and Idaho – by improving our website, print catalog and expanding our farm. During our final show, we each logged 93 hours for the week, from setup to tear down. To all of our loyal customers, we are just an email or phone call away with an even greater selection of bulbs on our website and in our print catalogs than you ever found at the shows.

Advantage to directly ordering from B&D Lilies®

1. A much larger selection of varieties than possible at any garden show.

2. Bulbs are delivered directly to your home or business, no struggling with heavy bags at a show, walking to your car, bus or train, and the high costs of parking and admission. Our shipping rates are less than paying just for parking at the larger shows.

3. Because our nursery-shipped lily bulbs are not subjected to artificial heat and dehumidifiers in convention centers (which dries out plant tissues as well as stimulates unnatural growth), they do not require immediate planting to maintain freshness and vitality, which translates to stronger stems and better flowers the following summer. How many times have you returned from a show to experience a week or more of rain or snow causing even more stress on your newly purchase show bulbs as they wait to be planted?

4. Shipping can be delayed until your soil, pots or garden are ready, and with your order safely tucked into our coolers, it is a convenient solution should your local weather not cooperate with your gardening plans.

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