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Spring of 2023

Welcome to B&D Lilies®.

After 45 years of producing, what our customers have told us are the best of the best in lilies, we have retired from active propagation on our home farm as of Spring 2023.

For those who have been inquiring about the magnificent hybrids of our longtime friend, Johan Mak, Bob agreed to offer his selections for shipping and planting during the Spring of 2024. Johan's varieties will be uploaded mid summer after his crop estimates have been completed. Because he will be hand digging the lilies, it will take all of October and November to finish harvest and pack the bulbs into his cold storage room.

In addition to his named selections, there will be mixed Oriental seedlings, un-named - and mixed together for sale. Clones such as 'Kon-Tiki', 'Mango Surprise', 'Cosmic Gumdrop' and all of his other magnificent hybrids were originally selected from these field rows. Hybridizers typically destroy such material to protect their breeding lines from being exploited by other thus making this the first time such genetic breeding stock have ever been released.

Please Note: Currently, there are no bulbs of ANY variety available for purchase at this time. We were completely sold out last Friday.

Bob and Dianna

Thank you for the opportunity to help beautify your garden.
[Website updated - Friday, June 9, 2023]
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