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Fragrance Free Asiatic Lilies

Fragrance Free Asiatics
Easy to grow Asiatic lilies to start the lily season in all areas with dependable color and reliability in even the most severe climate. Found in the widest range of color in the Lily bulb kingdom, hybridizers have developed neat and tidy blossoms in pure white, yellow, orange red, pink and all shades and combinations, except the elusive color blue. They multiply well and have unscented blooms, making them perfect for individuals sensitive to fragrance. Wildly adaptable throughout USDA Zones 3 to 10.

Bulb size: Most are five to six inches in circumference, (14/18 cms). All Asiatic lily bulbs sold by B&D Lilies are of mature, blooming size. Breeding background and weather conditions from year to year will greatly influence the bulb size at harvest, some cultivars will always be larger than others at maturity.
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