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Lilium species


On July 30 of 2022, when uploading our Spring 2023 catalog, we announced that most lilies would be in short supply, and as such we are now sold out for this season. For those who missed out on the full listing, there is still hope for Spring 2023 planting in April. Whatever stock is remaining in cold storage will be offered by the dozen, although most will be “odds and ends” in limited quantities.

After 45 years of producing what our customers have told us are the best of the best in lilies, we are retiring after shipping is completed in April. With the lack of available help for planting, harvesting, and processing our bulbs, it seems that the time is right. This being the case, in Mid April, we will be listing whatever stock is remaining. A news letter will be sent out at that time. (There will be no lily bulbs offered for Fall 2023 planting.) For those who have been inquiring about the magnificent hybrids of our longtime friend, Johan Mak, Bob agreed to continue with his selections for shipping and planting during the Spring of 2024. Johan's varieties will be uploaded mid summer after his crop estimates have been completed.

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Bob and Dianna

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