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Olympia - Double Oriental Hybrid

Item# L7074
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Spicy fragrance, 3 to 4 Feet. Mid / Late July flowering.

'Olympia' is a rich pink that we have found to be very color fast, but even with that, in areas when July temperatures are constantly above about 80, these plants should have some afternoon shade to prolong color. Highlighted with a white trim around the petal edges, the fragrance is beyond compare. 3 to 4 Feet. Mid / Late July. Very fragrant.

Bulb Size - Our standard for bulbs of this Oriental Hybrid Lily Bulb cultivar ranges from Premium-size (16/18 cm) to Exhibition-size (over 20 cm).

Classification: Oriental Hybrid Lily Bulb (USDA Zones 6-10, lows to -10 F. Winter mulch recommended in the colder climates)

Stock # 7074 - 'Olympia' - Double Oriental Hybrid Lily
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