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Icelandic Sunrise -J. Mak Orienpet Hybrid™

Icelandic Sunrise - J. Mak Orienpet™

Item# l9012
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'Icelandic Sunrise' is a cross between 'Mount Helena' and 'Indian Summer' and is almost beyond description for its beauty. Not only is yellow a somewhat rare color even in Orienpets still, it is usually found to be more of a buttery yellow rather than bright canary. This is the cleanest, most pure yellow we have seen in a lily. In Johan's seedling greenhouse, it towered over its sister seedlings. We expect 'Icelandic Sunrise' to be a more modest 4 feet or so in the garden, but in the proper setting could get taller. Highly fragrant, this is a July Bloomer. Bulbs are coming to us directly from Mr. Mak.

Email from Wisconsin 7/24/19 concerning 2017 purchase of 'Icelandic Sunrise': Well, I am thrilled. Stunned. Amazed. I am in awe. The flower size, along with the papillae and perfect yellow coloring blend  had me standing in front of it for about ten minutes. It is very special. Better than I imagined. A stand out among new breeding, that’s for sure.  Hardy to a week of -30F with a small snow cover at the time. Thanks for adding to my garden. 

Classification: Orienpet Hybrid Lily (USDA Zones 6-10, colder climates w/winter mulch.)

Stock #9012 - 'Icelandic Sunrise' - Orienpet Hybrid
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