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Aurora Borealis - J. Mak Oriental Hybrid™

Aurora Borealis - J. Mak Oriental™

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The first time I saw 'Aurora Borealis', my mind flashed back to 1959 / 1960 when I was 9 or 10 years old and my father waking me up to “come see the Northern Lights”. I remember his attempt to explain to me what I was seeing, and being fascinated with the colorful northern sky shimmering and waving before my eyes. I remember him telling me “this is really rare to see this far south of the N. Pole at our Port Townsend home. It was both my first and last time to ever view this wonder of nature.

Johan Mak's 'Aurora Borealis' sports clean, rich color in pure white, raspberry, and canary yellow. They simply seem to simmer in the garden, their beauty is a rare treat to behold. Relatively color fast even in Johan's hot location south east of Salem, Oregon, best color is obtained when planted in light afternoon shade, especially in areas exceeding 90 during the month of July. This is a pure Oriental hybrid and should be treated as familiar lilies such as Casablanca in the garden.

Extremely Limited Production - Estimated at 12 Bulbs.

Bulb Size - Our standard for bulbs of this Oriental Hybrid Lily Bulb cultivar ranges from Premium-size (14/16 cm) to Exhibition-size (over 20 cm). Click here for details.

Classification: Oriental Hybrid Lily (USDA Zones 7b-9, lows to +5 F. Winter mulch recommended in the colder climates)
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