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'Horse Drawn John Deere Two Way Plow' (Antique Iron)

'Horse Drawn John Deere Two Way Plow'
A twin to the painted model also available, this plow is in a more natural state. A marvelous advancement from the single bottom or sulky plow, this innovation allowed for a great deal more work to be done in the same period of time. When your horses reached the end of the row, you lifted the blade out of the ground, turned around, dropped the opposite blade and headed back. It still has part of an old wooden tongue in place and has always blended beautifully into the garden with the surrounding peonies and daylilies. A great garden piece. For anyone looking towards restoration, it is missing the operator's seat and the right hand lifting leaver is bent but can be easily straightened. From Eastern Oregon. John Deere is a registered trademark of the John Deere Crop. SOLD
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