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'Anastasia' - Orienpet Hybrid Lily

Item# l9125
"Sorry, Sold Out Fall 2021"
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Spicy fragrance, 3 to 4 Feet. Late July / Early August flowering.

An older Orienpet, and our very first selection from the breeding work of LeVern Friemann, 'Anastasia' just keeps coming back year after year and is destined to enter the Lily Hall of Fame. These soft pink, rose tinted flowers are gracefully held by long pedicels with well established bulbs also producing secondary buds that add a week or more to the overall bloom. The soft pink will deepen in cooler weather. Can reach 6 feet or more, 'Anastasia' usually tops out at about 4 feet. Late July to Early August Flowering. Fragrant.

Editorial Note: In side by side trials, we believe this to be the same lily we introduced back in the mid 1990's as 'Marion Friemann' the wife of our dear friend LeVern Friemann, breeder of the world famous 'Scheherazade'.

Bulb Size - Our standard for bulbs of this Orienpet Hybrid Lily Bulb cultivar ranges from Premium-size" (16/18 cm) to Exhibition-size" (over 20 cm). Click here for details.

Classification: Orienpet Hybrid Lily Bulb (USDA Zones 5-9, colder climates w/winter mulch.)

Stock # 9125 - 'Anastasia' - Orienpet Lily Bulb
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