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Most Fragrant Lilies

For those wishing fragrance in their yard or home, we suggest the following group of lilies. As with all flowers, the fragrance oils are strongest when the blooms have been open 24 hours, so don't cut too many at first, or you may be overwhelmed. First to consider are Oriental Hybrids with a spicy scent reminiscent of honeysuckle or carnation. For the heaviest sweet perfume, try a bouquet of Trumpets. The newer Oriental-Trumpet Hybrids (OT or Orienpet) are a bit light in intensity, but the pleasant aroma is very similar to forced Easter lilies in the shops around April. Speciosum have the lightest fragrance of the species, a bit like the fleeting scent of Trillium on a still day. For the strongest "wild" fragrance, try Lilium regale.

Like all lilies, who rely on leaves to regenerate the bulb, do not cut more than 1/3 of the leaves when picking for vases. Lilies need leaves to rebuild the bulb for the next year's flowers. Picking individual blooms will not in any way harm the bulb, and besides, one Oriental bloom can perfume a whole room.
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