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'Jade Temple'  (Strain)

'Jade Temple' (Strain)

Item# T-A128
Archive Item
John Shaver, 1958, Registured only as “Selections from Temple Hybrids”. Introduced in Greenrock Farms Catalog, 1958. Photo John Shaver, courtesy Bill & Mary Hoffman collection.

An interesting side note about the lack of breeding information on the Shaver hybrids as well as many of the earlier De Graaff hybrids is that John related to us in the early 1980's that he believe that De Graaff had breeding records for everything ever produced at Oregon Bulb Farms but either registered new cultivars with fictitious parents or just as "selected from" in order to maintain a level of secrecy for the work being done at OBF. John simply said he was following suit.

On a professional breeding level, where your living is made from what you produce, keeping your propitiatory information a secret is a must. Once you release the true parents of a cultivar, it gives your competition a step up on their work allowing them to sometimes catch up by a jump of years on your work. Things are much the same in Holland to this day. You never let your competitors know what you are doing, or how you did it.

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