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 'Amethyst Temple'  (Strain)

'Amethyst Temple' (Strain)

Item# T-A122
Archive Item
John Shaver, 1958. Registered only as “Selections from Temple Hybrids”.

Editorial Note: We knew John Shaver well, both on a professional as well as a personal level, (we baby sat his children from time to time) as B & D Lilies got its start growing bulbs for his company, Rex Bulb Farm. Johan was a grower and hybridizer when living in Oregon, but when he moved his business to Port Townsend in 1976, he relied heavily on other growers for his stock. Photo John Shaver, courtesy Bill & Mary Hoffman collection.

John spent time in the Merchant Marines as an officer and was fascinated with the Buddhist Temples he saw in ports in SE Asia. As a result, he released a number of "Temple" strains of trumpets.

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