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Some descriptions refer to Strain or Clone, What do these terms mean?

95% of the lilies in our catalog are Clones, which means all bulbs are identical, but some description refer to "Strain", which means a group of bulbs which share similar characteristics of color, height or habit to the ORIGINAL named cultivar. These are grown form seed, or grouped together for sale - other times, with the original Clone as a seed parent. It is quite common in the horticultural world to offer seed-grown Trumpets or Aurelians (because they are cheaper to produce) instead of offering cloned (scaled) bulbs, while not informing the consumer of the difference. If our cultivar name includes the word "Clone", then you are assured of receiving the genuine article from B&D Lilies®!

At times, we may add several bulbs of the named Clone into a Strain to fill orders, but you should not expect all plants of any Strain to look identical. For a large-scale garden where the overall effect is viewed from afar, choose the lower-priced Strains. For more intimate areas, or as an accent plant, choose the more expensive Clone.
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