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B&D Lilies' - Private Harvest™ Lily Bulbs

B&D Lilies' - Private Harvest™ Lily Bulbs
30cm & larger Lily Bulbs (artichoke to grapefruit sized)

Here we go – the largest size possible, without the bulb dividing on its own. When we offer these, you can have bulbs the size of a grapefruit, and twice as heavy to boot! Typically, each bulb weighs more than a pound, and three in a bag is nearly impossible to ship safely, without additional packing material. These are “bragging-size” bulbs, only a few bulbs out of a thousand make this size. They are harvested each year from the regular crop and are usually reserved for scaling. (Click on scaling bulbs to learn more.) If the entire field is left down for an additional year, perhaps 25% will be this big, but then, the maintenance costs go way up. Expect to pay three times the regular price for these beauties due to their rarity, extra care and weight.

(The two largest bulbs on either side of the artichoke weigh, 28.5 oz. and 28.6 oz., the smallest bulb in the basket group weighed 18.5 oz, well above a pound. How much did the vegetable weigh? 13.5 oz.)
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