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B&D Lilies' - Premium-size™ Lily Bulbs

16/18cm Lily bulbs (Lime to small lemon size)

These lime to small lemon-sized bulbs are the first choice for Asiatic lilies in the home garden. These Premium - size™ lily bulbs will produce many more flowers per stem than Top Size; up to 8 or 10 blooms on some cultivars the first season of growth.

Size 16/18 cm is the usual grade for producing 3 to 7 blooms the first year on Oriental lilies, and is the size most commonly found offered by the Dutch supplied catalogers. These is the size of many of our "three year old" bulbs. It is also the size of most "two year" bulbs out of Holland.

Holland growers push lilies with maximum amounts of fertilizer and water to bulk up bulbs as quickly as possible. Selling by size to the brokers, the larger they can bulk up a bulb with retained water, the more they can sell it for. At B & D Lilies on the other hand, we do not push our bulbs but take time, an extra year, to produce a good, solid, robust bulb that is not just a water storage unit. Our bulbs are bursting with the stored food stuffs needed to produce an exceptional show the first year of planting.
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