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Heat Buster™ (Orienpet) Hybrid Lily Collection

**Heat Buster™ (Orienpet) Hybrid Lily Collection
Heat Buster™ Orienpet Hybrid Lily Collection: The most highly sought after division of lily bulb and rapidly overtaking pure Orientals in popularity, are the 'OT' or 'Orienpet' hybrids. Referred to by most garden writers as 'Orienpets', this class of lilies has proven itself to be reliable in all climate zones.

B&D Lilies has been on the cutting edge of this magnificent division of lilies working with top breeders both in the US and in Europe for over 20 years. Often promoted as a group of “equals,” our trials have shown they unfortunately are not. As with all hybrid lilies, some are best suited to a forcing house for cut flower production, and have been proven to be only “so-so” in the real world of home gardens. At B&D Lilies, we trial all new selections in varied growing climates to weed out clones that may disappoint after a few years and only select the finest for our propagation fields. We smile each time we open a catalog and see a “new” or “exclusive” 'Orienpet' featured, and know that it was a variety that after failing our garden trials, Dianna fed to her goats several years earlier.

This Heat Buster™ collection consists of one bulb each of twelve different clones - the varieties to be determined at the time of harvest.

Planted together or separately throughout your garden, these strong-growing lilies can take full sun in all but the hottest areas without any loss of color. However, if your garden is subject to 100 degree F. temperatures for extended periods, afternoon shade is then recommended. We will not know which ones will be used for this collection, but will make sure you have good value. Typically, such favorites as 'Conca d' Or', 'Time Zone and 'Candy Club' are included plus newer introductions as well.

Found in some of the Dutch catalogs as being referred to, or offered as "trees", these lilies will grow often to 6 feet or more when settled and in a shady are, but they are in no way "trees".

Bulb Size - Our standard for bulbs of this lily cultivar ranges from Premium-size» (16/18 cm) to Exhibition-size» (over 20 cm). Click here for details.

SAVE at least $10.00 over individually purchased bulbs, depending on clones used. All packages will be clearly labeled with color, height and name of variety.
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