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'Oriental Hybrids' - Fragrant Lily Bulb Hybrids

The fragrant Oriental Hybrids produce some of the most exotic and showy flowers in the plant kingdom. Indeed, casual observers will often mistake the blooms for huge orchids. Oriental lilies prefer slightly acidic, well-drained soil. Where temperatures are consistently above 90 degrees, plant in dappled shade or where hot afternoon sun will be blocked. In areas where the summer temperatures rarely exceed the mid-eighties, Orientals require little care. Best in Zones 5-9, with a good snow cover and/or well mulched over winter in the Midwest or Northeast. Apply mulch after the ground freezes.

Plant in full sun or light shade with good air circulation and good drainage. If you have heavy clay soil, raised beds are the answer. Do not simply dig a hole and backfill with "good" soil, you must allow water to drain freely from around and under your bulbs.

Rock-filled garden sites or windy areas can be a good place to grow lilies. The rocky soil assures good drainage and a constant wind will help dry the foliage after irrigation or heavy rain. The foliage of vigorous plants must not crowd emerging sprouts or growing stems; lilies need open access to light and air for best growth.

Stems and flowers do fine in breezy locations. Some of the most beautiful lilies in the world are grown on the bluffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Washington, Oregon, and Northern California. As the sprout emerges from the ground, the growing stem will adapt to local conditions. High winds generally do not damage either stem or flowers in breezy sites.
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