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'Spring to Fall Sampler' (Lilium)

Classification: Various (USDA Zones 5-9, mulch Trumpets and Orientals after the ground has frozen for the winter.)

(Stock #SF-06) Twelve individually packaged bulbs in a compatible mixture of differeing lily types to provide vloom over a long period. Good for beginners, no deciding what goes with what, plus you save money. All bulbs are taken from the same trays as the individually sold bulbs, so are the same size and quality. We do reserve the right to substitute another variety should one or more of the individual bulbs not be available in sufficent quantities from harvest. This group contains pink, white and yellow flowers, blooming between June and late August.

Collection contains 12 bulbs, one each of:

'Belleleur', white Asiatic
'Pink Pagoda', pink Asiatic
'Sorbet', pink Asiatic
'Desert Flower', yellow Asiatic
'Pink Perfection', pink Trumpet
'Golden Splendor', yellow Trumpet
'Verano', yellow Oriental-Trumpet
'Acapulco', hot pink Oriental
'Black Beauty', deep red/white edged Oriental
'Casablanca', pure white Orienatal
Lilium regale, white/light pink species Trumpet from China
Lilium speciosum
'Uchida', pink/white species from Japan
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