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 'Lilium nobilissimum' <BR> (Noble Lily)

'Lilium nobilissimum'
(Noble Lily)

Item# LS98
Archive Item
(Species / Wild Lily)
"Tamoto-Yuri" from the Japanese Ryukyu Islands produces very fragrant, funnel shaped flowers that are purest white on the inside with green shading on the outside. Difficult to view in the wild as it mainly grows on steep cliffs, it is also difficult to maintain in the garden. Once often confused with Lilium alexandrae , Lilium nobilissimum produces bright yellow pollen. This species has produced some extraordinary hybrids, most notably, the pure white 'Taj Mahal', and the baby pink 'Maharaja'. Though considered about the same in difficulity as Lilium Rubellum, flowered here without problems, we have been unsuccessful with Lilium nobilissimum. L. nobilissimum photo courtesy of Ed McRae.

Photo inset #1 Photo insert copyright Pontus Wallstén, all right reserved. Used with permission.

Photo inset #2 is of the selection 'Maharajah' bred at the old Oregon Bulb Farms registered as hybridized in 1964 but not introduced until 1981 which was common as you did not want to release the genes of an important new line until after you were a couple generations down the road in your breeding program. 'Maharajah' came out of 'Pink Glory' shown as an inset with L. japonicum.

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