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 'Lilium nanum'

'Lilium nanum'

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(Species / Wild Lily)
Nanum, meaning dwarf, is a very small alpine lily growing only 6 to 12 inches
(10 to 30 cms) tall in nature. Lilium nanum is found distributed through the Himalayas especially in the Dequin and Gongshan areas of the Yunnan. Title photo was taken in Bhutan. Taxonomists classified this lilium species as a 'nomocharis' for many years. The bell-shaped pink-to-lilac flowers have purple spots. Found in cultivation for over 100 years, bulbs are rarely seen available.

In nature Lilium nanum is found found grassy mountain slopes, growing on cliffs, and in the Sequoia margins where it flowers in June with seed ripening in September. Seed germination is immediate epigeal. It highly dislikes being moved and is best started from seed planted where they can just be left alone. Often takes 5 or more years to flower and then dies for no apparent reason other than to frustrate the grower.

Title photo in natural habitat courtesy of Mr. Sonam Wangchen who operates 'Bhutan Excursions. 'Bhutan Excursions and can be reached at for those wishing to see this rare and delicate beauty in person. What Mr. Wangchen and his tours members see in person is that of which most of us can only dream.

Photo insert #1 taken by Pontus Wallstén of Switzerland. Coypright Pontus Wallstén, all right reserved. Used with permission.

Photo insert #2 contributed by Harry Jans of The Netherlands showing Lilium namum in its natural setting in as found in Sikkum Province of India. Many more magnificent photographic images from Mr. Jans taken from around the world can be found at Copyright Harry Jans, Jansaplines, all rights reserved. Used with permission.

Photo insert #3 is from Wikimedia Commons and was taken by Karl Kristensen Copyright Karl Kristensen, all rights reserved. Original photo was cropped. Source Wikimedia Commons.

Photo inset #4 taken by tour client of Sonam Wangchen in habitat area of L. nanum. Copyright Sonam Wangchen, all rights reserved. Used with permission.

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