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 'Lilium bosniacum'

'Lilium bosniacum'

Item# LS38
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(Species / Wild Lily)
L. bosniacum along with L. albanicum and L. jankae have at times been treated as varieties of L. carniolicum. They are closely related, but do have distinguishing features by which they can be readily told apart. Pontus Wallsten reports in his book 'The lily species and their bulbs' that the main difference is the intensity of the purple black spotting in the centers. L. albanicum, a native of Albania is unspotted, L. jankae from Bulgaria, Serbia, and Romania is heavily spotted, while L. bosniacum is very heavily spotted and can appear with a deep purple center.

Title photo as well as inset were taken in Bosnia and are copyrighted by Axel Hintze, of German. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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