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'Lilium lophophorum ssp. linearifolium'

'Lilium lophophorum ssp. linearifolium'

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A native of the Yunnan area of China as well as Tibet, this subspecies is found at elevations of 8,800 to 15,000 feet (2,700 to 4,600 meters). Found on grassy mountain slopes, in thicket margins and fir forest margins, it flowers in June and July with seed ripe in late August / early September. This species over the years has been placed as both Fritillaria as well as Nomocharis.

Recently the subspecies 'linearifolium' was recognized. Considered simply as a longer petal form of L. lophophorum in the past, it has now found its own classification as a subspecies. Our title photo is from Steve Garvy of Scotland who said, "These are simple observations from a simple man" Steve observations in his garden: "To be honest I am not sure that I believe there is a L. lophophorum var. linearifolium. I find that the size of the plant and leaf form vary with the growing conditions (compost richness and sun/shade). I think the different appearance of var. linearifolium may be due to provenance with the high altitude forms being wee dumpy things with few, shorter, broader leaves whilst the lower altitude woodland plants are taller and more robust with more numerous long, thin leaves". We believe that Steve's observations are quite valid and this may be nothing more than a low elevation form of and only time and a great deal of study will tell us for sure.

Title Photo contributed by Steve Garvy, of Scotland of L. lophophorum var. linearifolium as flowered in his garden . Copyright Steve Garvy, all rights reserved. Used with permission.

Insert Photo #1 contributed by Mr. Harry Jans of the Netherlands shows L. lophophorum var. linearifolium as found in nature. Many more magificent photographic images from Mr. Jans taken from around the world can be found at Copyright Harry Jans, Jansaplines, all rights reserved. Used with permission.

Insert photo #2 of L. lophophorum var. linearifolium in nature taken by Panayoti Kelaidis as published in INaturalist. Attribution- Non Commercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0) Copyright Panayoti Kelaidis. All rights reserved.

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