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 'Lilium speciosum var. gloriosoides'

'Lilium speciosum var. gloriosoides'

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.(Species / Wild Lily)
Described by the English explorer E. H. Wilson to be the "finest and most beautiful of all forms of L. speciosum", the var. gloriosoides can be a challenge in the garden. The rare deep red color form is found by Yijia

To successfully grow and flower this magnificent species is a prideful accomplishment. Originally discovered in 1868 in the Lushan Mountains of China, 'glorsoides' was introduced to European gardens in 1878, but that original stock was soon lost.

Our title photo here is of a heavily spotted, deep red form of var. gloriosoides as found in natural habitat by Yijia Wang. Copyright Yijia Wang, all rights reserved. Yijia Wang offers seed of several Chinese Alpines at his nursery at Along with alpine lilium species, Mr. Wang also offers a wonderful selection of other Chinese Alpines.

Photo inset #1 is of another deep red form of var. gloriosoides as flowered by Pontus Wallstén of Switzerland. Photo copyright Pontus Wallstén. Used with permission. Pontus has an excellent book titled 'The Lily Species and their bulbs' and he can be contacted by email at for more information. He also offers some rare species lilies in limited quantities that are shipped from his nursery in Switzerland. In the works is a new book centered on the subject of subspecies due out in early 2022.
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