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 'Lilium ciliatum'

'Lilium ciliatum'

Item# LS33
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(Species / Wild Lily)
Native to NE Turkey, this species a few years back was being marketed by a Dutch company as Lilium monadelphum . Exported directly from Holland as "nursery grown" bulbs, they more than likely were collected in the wild with Lilium monadelphum, which shares its native range. Title photo is from that mis-labeled, stock. Photo copyright B & D Lilies, all rights reserved.

Found in alkaline soils, these semi-pendant flowers are a soft butter yellow with deep purple throats. Distinguished from Lilium monadelphum by fine hairs produced on the leaves as well as the buds, the name ciliatum for (cilia) means fine hairs. Lilium ciliatum carries a sweet 'Trillium' like fragrance. The seed of is a rich brown color and is hypogeal in germination meaning it needs a period of cold / freezing before emergence.

Inset #1 is of L. citiatum as provided by Alan Mitchell of Scotland. Copyright Alan Mitchell, all rights reserved. Used with permission. Thank you Alan for this wonderful close up.

Inserts #2 and #3 of very dark centered subjects found in Turkey. Copyright Pontus Wallstén. Used with permission.

Photo insert #4 'L. ciliatum' in habitat at Zigana Pass, Turkey. Photo copyright Ernst Gügel, all rights reserved. Original photo slightly cropped. This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

Photo insert #5, Pontus Wallstén in NE Turkey preparing to photograph L. ciliatum. Copyright Pontus Wallstén, all rights reserved. Used with permission.

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