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 'Lilium brownii var. viridulum'

'Lilium brownii var. viridulum'

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Discovered by Baker in 1885 and "rediscovered by E. H. Wilson in 1932, this variant is reported to be found wild in nearly all parts of central China at elevations to nearly 5,000 feet. Opening a soft yellow, the strongly scented flowers soon fade to white. Buds are a lovely chocolate brown and open in May and June. Seed is ripe in September.

'Lilium brownii var. viridulum' can be found growing on mountain slopes and in open woodland situations as well as open fields in the Yunnan. It is reported to be quite common and is heavily harvested for its edible bulbs. Fresh flowers are used for essential oils to be used in the making of perfume.

Grower of our photo example is Keith Baldie of Switzerland. Keith reported that this single bulb rotted during the winter but did leave a few small bulblets behind.

Photo copyright Keith Baldie, Switzerland, all rights reserved. Used with permission.

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