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 'Lilium procumbens'

'Lilium procumbens'

Item# ls274
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(Species / Wild Lily)
'L. procumbens' was recently discovered by Professor Leonid V. Averyanov and his team on October 3, 2013 in northern Vietnam (“Cao Bangprovince, Nguyen Binh district, Ca Thanh municipality, Ta Pin village). Found primarily in coniferous forest along highly eroded rocky limestone ridges at elevation of about 1400m. Professor Averyanov reported it as being a "terrestrial or lithophytic climbing vine-like unbranched herb with a slender stem about 2m long. Found mostly on shady and very steep mossy slopes. He describes this lily as "rare".

Photo insert #1 shows green coloration on back of petals.

Photo insert #2 is close up of pollen.

Photo insert #3 shows formation of ariel bulbils at leaf axils.

All photos copyright Professor Leonid V. Averyanov, Russia Federation. All rights reserved. Used with permission. Our grateful thank you to Professor Averyanov for his contribution. When contacted concerning this lily and a request for "a photo", within days, we received a note back "Good luck on your project, here is my entire file".

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