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 'Lilium bukosanense'

'Lilium bukosanense'

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(Species / Wild Lily)
Named for Mount Buko, where this lily is only found, 'L. bukosanense' grows from near vertical cliffs at about 2000 feet elevation. In nature 'L. bukoanense' can be found with the stem hanging outwards holding its rather large flowers in an upright position. Oregon Bulb Farm worked with 'L. bukoanense' for a number of years according to head hybridizer Edward McRae, but he reported that though it was easy to grow, it was highly infertile in hybridizing Asiatics. Used as a fodder plant, 'L. bukosanense' is recorded as being “Heavily Threatened” and is on the Red List of Threatened Plants in Japan. Efforts are being made to restore it.

Title photo as well as insert photo copyright Cheung Siu Ming, Hong Kong. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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