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 'Lilium japonicum var. albomarginatum'

'Lilium japonicum var. albomarginatum'

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(Species / Wild Lily)
Very rare in nature and almost never seen in commerce is L. japonicum var. albomarginatum. First found in Shikoku, Japan this species was first noted by Makino in Botanical Magazine (Tokyo) 7:135, 1893. It is an elegant and highly fragrant form of L. japonicum that flowers in June and July. Set apart from other forms of L. japonicum, the leaves appear to be frosted and have a very thin white to yellowish edge. As with its other forms, moist, but well drained, humus rich soil is a must.

Title photo was graciously provided by Paul Christian of Rare Plants in the United Kingdom. He can be located on the web at were he offers not only lilium species, but also a nice selection of other “intriguing” goodies for the garden.

Insert photos #1 & #2 copyright Pontus Wallstén of Switzerland as flowered at his nursery. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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