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 'Lilium wallichianum'

'Lilium wallichianum'

Item# LS194
Archive Item
(Species / Wild Lily)
Closely related to L. neilgherrense found further south in India which is now considered a variant of 'L. wallichianum', L. wallichianum is a "lower to medium altitude" native of the warmer valleys of the Himalayas and is not a species for gardeners that take failure personally. Found growing in thatched grass and lightly shaded woodland, it has a very thin, wiry stem and can grow to 5 feet. It requires nothing short of absolute perfect drainage, but expects to receive monsoon type rainfalls. Blooms in mid summer during the monsoon rains. Distributed from Northwest India through Nepal and Darjeeling and Sikkim Himalayas and further east through Bhutan and Northeast India. In India, 'L. wallichianum' is used as a substitute for 'Swertia Chirata' in treating fever and jaundice and is described as being bitter.

Title photo as well as inset photo #1 photographed in natural habitat by Mr. Sonam Wangchen in the wilds of Bhutan. Sonam operates 'Bhutan Excursions. 'Bhutan Excursions and can be reached at for those wishing to see this rare and delicate beauty in person. What Mr. Wangchen and his tours members see in person is that of which most of us can only dream. Photo copyright Mr. Sonam Wangchen, Bhutan Excursions, all rights reserved. Used with permission.

Insert photo #2 is from the collection of Bill and Mary Hoffman of a Edgar Kline flowered specimen circ. 1939.

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