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'Lilium catesbaei' <BR>(Yellow, Unspotted Form)

'Lilium catesbaei'
(Yellow, Unspotted Form)

Item# ls180
Archive Item
This is an extremely rare example of first, the yellow form of L. catesbaei, and what makes it even more rare is this form is totally free of spots. This photo was taken by Jim Fowler in habitat, who said it was found while driving along a country road with a friend where they spotted "hundreds of the typical scarlet red variety along a ditch stretching about a mile". He said "I spotted a bright yellow one among the red ones and had to slam on brakes. It was a once-in-a-lifetime event for me, and I won’t forget it soon. I’ve not seen another one since". Please do not email asking for a location as this form is so rare it would take little time for collectors to eradicate it from nature.

Photo copyright Jim Fowler, all rights reserved. Used with permission.

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