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'L. wigginsii' (Lilium)

Lily Bulb - 'L. wigginsii'
A wet land type lily native to Northern California and Southern Oregon, the golden-yellow nodding flowers are spotted in purple-red. Carrying a light but pleasing fragrance, this species prefers a well drained, rich soil and some light dappled shade. Lilium wigginsii has been seen flourishing on hillsides where a constant flow of clear, fresh water is running over the bulbs.

These photos were taken of a colony located in the Hoopa Indian Reservation that was well hidden from roadside view. Discovered by the late Jim Robinette, he and his wife beamed with excitement after being asked "why are we stopping here". About 30 feet in through thick bramble was an open hillside with hundreds of 3 to 6 foot tall stems in full bloom.
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