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 'Lilium tsingtauense'<BR> (Twilight Lily)

'Lilium tsingtauense'
(Twilight Lily)

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(Species / Wild Lily)
An unique Martagon type lily, L. tsingtauense holds is waxy "sun-kissed" orange, star-shaped flowers fairly upright atop 3 foot stems. Carrying a light but unpleasant scent, bulbs of this species rarely show up in commerce. Introduced as far back as the 1890's it was included in the L. meleoloides group until being separated in 1903. It is best grown in areas of light shade with soil being kept on the damp side, the seed is delayed hypogeal for germination. Ed McRae reports in his book 'Lilies, A Guide for Growers and Collectors' that L. tsingtauense "is best increased by seed. Its growing site must be lightly shaded by other plants and have ordinary moisture". Ed also felt that the form of L. tsingtauense found in Korea was more hardy and easier to grow overall than the form found in China.

Title photo Dianna Gibson, B & D Lilies taken in cool greenhouse cir. 1985.

Photo insert #1 copyright National Institute of Ecology, Korea. Source WikiMedia Commons. This file is licensed under the Korean Open Government License Type I: Attribution.

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