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 'Lilium humboldtii var. bloomerianum'

'Lilium humboldtii var. bloomerianum'

Item# LS100
Archive Item
(Species / Wild Lily)
Native to Southern California, Lilium ocellatum is often confused with Lilium humboldtii growing further north. L. ocellatum can be found in Santa Barbara County, Ca. The pendant flowers held atop the 6 foot stems of this species are cadmium-orange with red tips and are covered in large, spots. A dry land type, it is quite difficult to cultivate and has never been attempted by us. This is one of those species that is best left to be viewed in the wild.

Title and insert photos #1 and #2 taken by Orrel Ballentyine.

Insert photo #3 copyright Tommy Stoughton, Ph.D. all rights reserved. Used with permission.

Photo insert #4 taken by Keir Morse in Santa Barbara County, California. Copyright Keir Morse, all rights reserved. Used with permission. Though not exhibiting the larger, overlapping spots on the petal tips of most var. ocellatum flowers, this does differ from the form var. bloomerianum, with has more and smaller spots. The ranges of these two variants slightly overlaps often leading to confusion.

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