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'Dianna's Purple Poppies'

'Purple Poppies' (fresh seed)
(Papaver somniferum) Years ago, when our farm was open to visitors, many were quite taken with our stand of deep "Purple Poppies" scattered here and there within the garden. Many years ago, Dianna had planted a double-flowered “black” that refused to stand up to our wind and rain, but the resulting seedlings from it when naturally crossed with other poppies... Wow! Due to our homestead flocks of chickens and turkeys scratching around the lilies, plus heavy mulching of the garden beds, meant very few plants grew naturally. However, last summer (2021) in one of the fallow (not used) fields, about 45 or 50 plants germinated and grew, despite absolutely no rainfall or irrigation for over 2 months.

Silky-textured, deep purple, single 5-inch flowers with a dark plum center on sturdy 4-foot stems are a focal point of garden during the months July and August. These are the annual variety used in baking (Bread seed), but are beautiful as a garden plant. Seeds can be sent with your bulb or catnip order. Packet contains about 1/8 teaspoon of seed, enough to generously sow a "nursery bed" 18" across. When seedlings are an inch tall, gently transplant to a sunny spot with fluffy, well-drained soil. If you would like the seeds sent to you immediately, instead of with a bulb order, we'll automatically add $1.50 for postage and mailer for up to 6 packets when we charge your card.
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