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Private Harvest™ Trumpet Bulbs

Private Harvest™  Trumpet Bulbs
Lily bulbs offered on this page were left in the propagation field an extra year or two to achieve massive bulb size. As the weather permitted, they were gently harvested and then carefully graded for size. Trumpet lilies that are at least 30 cm in circumference were set aside,weighed and then hand layered into crates for storage. Tucked inside a climate-controlled cooler, they await spring shipping with our regular sized bulbs in late March/early April.

Bulb Size - Private Harvestª size bulbs (over 30 cm in circumference). These are HUGE bulbs, weighing over one pound each. The cost reflects our extra growing, packaging and delivery costs. These bulbs will put up a taller stem the first summer, usually with more flowers on each stem vs. our regular size.

Photo shown is of a SEVEN POUND Golden Splendor bulb, purchased at the San Francisco Flower & Garden Show in 2002 and dug up in November of 2004 to relocate. Robb, from Santa Cruz, said that this monster had split into three separate bulbs, which he individually planted back into fresh soil.

Note that these are not always available, during cold summers the bulbs tend to divide instead of becoming huge.
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