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Lilium 'LeVern's Tetra Mix'

'LeVern's Tetra  Mix'
Classification: Oriental Hybrid (USDA Zones 5-9, colder w/winter mulch.)

Lily Bulb - (Friemann) Bred in Bellingham, Washington (up near the Canadian border), these strong-growing Tetraploid Orientals have rose to black red-colored blooms with pronounced white or creamy-yellow margins, a small amount of papillae, indistinct spots, and light pink, green or brown reverses. Nectary stars range from white to yellow. The small inset shows LeVern in his beloved garden with the yet unnamed 'LeVern Frieman' circa 1995.

This past fall we inadvertently mixed bulbs of LaVerns 'Scheherazade', 'Northwest Passage', 'Seabreeze' and 'Juan d Fuca' during planting. Realizing it would be a monumental task in trying to sort them all out again, we have elected to list them here as a mix. The photo of our daughter was taken in the summer of 1998 in our display garden with bulbs of LaVern's 'Scheherazade' that were scaled in 1990. All have a light fragrance and can easily top out at 6 feet once established. July/August.

For the hybridizers out there: LaVern, as did most of his peers, did not give accurate information when asked about the breeding that went into their selections. When asked, LeVern always replied that these selections were made from a 'Thunderbolt' x 'Black Beauty' cross. In reality, these selections came from ('Thunderbolt' x 'Rachel Pappo') x 'Black Beauty). Most of his work included pollen from bulbs of 'Rachel Pappo' given to him by its breeder and his good friend Dr. Raphael Poppo. LaVern always maintained that 'Rachel Pappo' was the bridge that brought him success in using 'Thunderbolt' and held that information as a closely guarded secret.

Please note, this is a mix and we cannot fill orders by named variety. They are packaged just as they come out of the ground

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