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'Hood Canal Sampler' (Lilium)

Classification: Hood Canal Series, Trumpet Hybrids (USDA Zones 5-10, colder climates w/winter mulch)

(Stock #HC-01) Breeding pure Trumpet lilies has been almost non-existent over the last 10 years and a few new clones have been inroduced to the gaden market, tohter than the "renaming" of old de Graaf strains by other companies. Here's your chance for one each of the 15 new named "Hood Canal Series" (HC) lilies offered exclusively by B&D Lilies. Don't delay on this offer, there are only 20 collections projected to be available of the 15 different clones. When that number is reached, this collection will be marked as "sold out", but you will still be able to order bulbs of the remaining available lilies at their listed price, but without the offer of free shipping.

FREE delivery on this collection only, regular shipping and handling applies to other purchases.

Collection contains:

'Mount Constance'
'Suquamsh Grape'
'Cushman Sunset'
'Lake Cushman'
'Chief Chetzemoka'
'Mount Walker'
'Kamilche Sun'
'Lord Samuel Hood'
'Hamma hamma'
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