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'Katydid' - L. henryi (Aurelian) Hybrid Lily Bulb

'Katydid' - L. henryi (Aurelian) Hybrid Lily Bulb
Fall 2011 Introductory Price - Only until September 8, 2011.

Another time-tested and dependable Aurelian lily bred from Lilium henryi citrinum – Katydid possesses those sterling qualities that makes a lily truly garden-worthy, those being extreme vigor, longevity, winter hardiness – not to mention the graceful, almost ethereal beauty of its sun-proof flowers. Expect sparkling showers of gently recurved blooms lightly spotted with brown papillae. Sable pollen highlights the bold lime green throat of these elegant flowers whose lemon yellow centers tint gently outward to bridal white. From a distance this plant will evoke a calm cascade of cool, luminous moonlight "song” in your summer garden.

The tall stems are tightly clothed in unique long sharply pointed leaves and the perfect pyramidal inflorescence often unfold several four-inch flowers per pedicel – cleaning neatly as the first blooms retire. At home in the back of the mixed border in either shun or light, high shade, ‘Katydid’ blooms reliably for several weeks. 6 feet. Early August in Wyoming, mid August in climates with cooler summers.
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