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'L. martagon x Terry'

L. martagon x 'Terry'

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Flower Description: Exquisite soft pinkish flower with deeper pink to almost maroon spots that resemble the colors commonly found in the orchid family of Phalaenophis, or as they are commonly called 'Butterfly Orchids'. A most unusual color for a lily making this a peerless addition to your butterfly garden. For us, it was love at first sight as there is no other hybrid of L. martagon like it.

Martagon lilies are classic choices for old style gardens. Perfect for the edge of treed woodlots, but as with all bulbs in such areas, protect from tunneling moles, gophers, etc., using wire cages or raised planters with hardware cloth stapled to the bottom as a barrier.

More difficult to establish than our Asiatic, Trumpet or Oriental lilies, our Martagon lilies are guaranteed to be healthy and true-to-name, but not for failure to grow. May take an additional season before blooming and conditions need to be more exacting. Martagons pout when they are moved and need to settle back in to their new homes. Provide perfect drainage, rocky soil is fine, and don't over water the bulbs during summer while they are in dormancy. Bulbs resent transplanting and could rot during a cold, wet winter/spring or during the summer, if you add any moisture retentive materials to the soil around the bulb itself. Under no circumstances use peat for L. martagon or its hybrids, but leaf mold and/or compost as a top dressing in the fall is desirable.

Classification: Martagon Hybrid Lily (USDA Zones 3-9, lows to -40° F.)

Stock #4217 - L. martagon x 'Terry' - Martagon Hybrid Lily Bulb
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