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'Tiny Snowflake' - Asiatic Hybrid Lily Bulb

Flower Description: These naturally short, early blooming Asiatic lilies were some 20 years in the making. Perfect for garden, containers and greenhouse. Plants grow 18"-24" tall, flower May/June and are unscented. Expect more flowers per stem than the older "Pixie" lilies. These lovelies can even go into a bit of shade without a need of staking, but will tend be somewhat taller. Lovely white blooms. 18 inches to 24 inches. May/June Flowering, No Scent.

Bulb Size - Bulbs of this Asiatic Hybrid Lily Bulb cultivar ranges from Commercials (12/14 cm) to Premium-size» (16/18 cm). Click here for details.

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Classification: Asiatic Hybrid Lily Bulb (USDA Zones 3-10, lows to -40° F.)

Stock # 1207 - 'Tiny Snowflake' - Asiatic Lily Bulb
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