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'Cecil' - Fragrant Asiatic Hybrid Lily

Cecil' - Fragrant Asiatic Hybrid Lily

Flower Description: New in the “Tango” series of lilies, we have been very impressed with 'Cecil'. Similar in color to 'Cafe Noir', 'Cecil' produces a larger flower, typical of the LA hybrids and is a bit taller overall when settled. In cooler climates, these creamy white petals can show some ivory which will then bleach to creamy white as the flowers age. A tough go-getter in the garden, 'Cecil' will laugh off even a harsh Wisconsin winter. 3 to 4 Feet, sometimes taller. June Flowering. Light Scent.

Bulb Size - Our standard for bulbs of this lily cultivar ranges from Premium-size» (14/16 cm) to Exhibition-size» (over 20 cm). Click here for details.

Classification: Asiatic Hybrid Lily (USDA Zones 3-10, lows to -40° F.)

Stock # 1019 - 'Cecil' - Asiatic Lily Bulb
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