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Dressy - Long Hat Pins - by Anne Marie

Long Hat Pins - Handcrafted by Anne Marie
These unique items are made from a variety of materials, natural stone, blown glass, carved wood, semi-precious stones and heirloom beads. Popular at the Flower & Garden Shows, these lovely beauties are suitable for both fancy and casual styles, the 8-inch pins can be shortened for use as a lapel pin and all come with a protective clutch on the end for safety. Each hat pin comes with it's own 1" round flexible plastic storage tube for safeguarding in a dresser drawer.

In the past, a hat pin was an easily carried "defense" tool and was usually made of much sturdier metal that tended to leave large puncture marks in the crown. Modern hat pins are of a softer, thinner material and are thus more flexible to easily weave in and out of the crown as a decoration without harm, but can still be threaded into a mass of "pin curls" or a bun for security during windy weather.

When choosing a pin, look for one color that either blends into the base color of your hat or is of a contrasting color, depending on how much you wish to draw the eye. Gold tones work well with "warm" colors, silver tone hat pins look good on cool colors such as icy to dark blues, lavender or purple. Click on any photo to make that image larger and see more detail.

Unless otherwise marked all "Long Hat Pins" are unique and only one pin of a style was created, which means if a style is marked "out of stock", it is gone, but similar ones may be uploaded in the future.

Most styles are "one only", but please do inquire if it is possible for Anne Marie to customize another pin just for you.

***We are currently working on the spring 2017 bulb catalog and website upload and when the lily bulbs are finished, we'll finish loading these pages for Abbee Hat.***
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