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"Heat Buster™ Gift Box" - Free Delivery!

Heat Buster™ Gift Box - Free Delivery!
Here's a low cost way to introduce friends and family to the joy of our Heat Buster™ lilies. THREE bulbs each of our two most popular varieties, 'Conca 'd Or' and 'Maywood' (pictured below) in time to plant this December in more temperate areas, where the soil is not frozen hard. These bulbs are already pre-chilled so do not need additional chill before planting in the southern states.

However, if snow is flying, we'll be happy to send a card with your personal message (Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice, Anniversary, Birthday or other celebration) and ship the lilies at the proper time for planting in spring of 2009. Either way, these heavily fragranced, easy-growing lilies will bloom next summer and delight the senses. A great gift for the gardener in your life (or yourself) and now, with FREE DELIVERY, but only if ordered before December 15, 2008.

The "Heat Buster™ Gift Box" expires December 15, 2008, so place your order today. Be sure to choose your delivery option, if the weather changes suddenly and we feel it is no longer to safely ship bulbs this month, then we will automatically send a gift card for you, announcing delivery in spring. Delayed shipments of lily bulbs will be charged to your card now, not at shipping time, as we are holding these bulbs for you in our cooler.

These varieties are recommended for all areas of the USA, from USDA Zone 3 to 9. Orienpet lilies, such as these, can take more heat in summer and only require winter mulch in Zones 3 to 5 (upper Midwest and Northeast in particular), and are easy to grow, blooming year after year.

If you have specific delivery requirements, please let us know under "comments" during checkout. Also note that lily bulbs must be kept cool before planting, not gift wrapped and placed in a warm house for hours on end. The shipping carton will open directly to the Lily Bulbs, Planting Guide and Card announcing your gift.
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