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Spring 2019 Grab Bag #2

Spring 2019 Grab Bag #2

Item# GBC2
Sorry, sold out.
3 sets available.

ALL Labeled as type, some are mixed varieties and some are labeled with names - 6 bulbs Orientpets (2+ varieties), 3 Trumpets, 3 Asiatics, 9 bulbs of Orientals (3 varieties+). Average catalog cost is $129+. Cost of postage incl. in sale price. Mailing out on May 20, 2019, which is our last day of spring shipping and the last cooler is turned off.

Because they are planted later in spring, bulbs will bloom shorter and later than normal this summer, which is perfect for containers on a deck or patio. However, you can only fool them once, lily bulbs will revert to their regular height and flowering times next year, Because of this trait, you have is a perfect solution for later-blooming lilies this summer. Potted lilies can be placed into the garden with no ill effects throughout the summer or this fall.
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