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Fall shipping begins...

Fall shipping information
[update 10.20.14] We have been shipping bulbs to the coldest climates for orders that were placed before October 1st for the 10 days, and are starting on most of the Eastern Seaboard and lower Midwestern states this week. Southern states and warmer winter areas of the West Coast will be mailing next week. Orders received within the past few days will ship ASAP, after the earlier boxes have cleared the warehouse.

Priority Mail boxes and stacks of packaged bulbs waiting to go into the bins are stacked just outside the shipping room. Lilies are shipped to the upper Midwest, NE and Mountain states from here (WA State) Monday-Wednesday and we generally fill warmer areas Thursday-Saturday.

Most of the Eastern Seaboard, Southern States are shipped the third through fourth week of October. Soil in warm winter areas like GA, FL, southern CA, etc. needs to cool before fall planting, as lily bulbs do not have a hard shell like a tulip or daffodil and can be damaged by heat. Shipping is dependent on cross-country weather; if the temperatures begin to drop more quickly than expected, we put the milder climate orders aside for a time and we concentrate on the colder sections of the country.
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