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'Horse Drawn John Deere Two Way Plow' (Antique Iron)

'Horse Drawn John Deere Two Way Plow'
A marvelous advancement from the single bottom or sulky type plow, this new innovation allowed for a great deal more work to be done in the same period of time. When your horses reached the end of the row, you simply pushed down on the appropriate foot lever, pulled back the hand lever and then released the foot lever to lock the now lifted plow blade in place. He then turned his team around, pulled back on the opposite hand lever, unlocked the blade with the foot lever, dropped the now opposite blade into place and away you went for the other end of the field again. The two way plow allowed you to plow in both directions as you no longer had to waste time or "horse power" returning unproductively to the other end of the field to start your next furrow.

Painted by a previous owner in "sort of" John Deere colors. Paint can be easily stripped for a natural weathered look or for restoration. This plow has always looked great sitting in a bed of peonies. It still has part of an old wooden tongue in place. From a farm in North Dakota, this plow was part of a collection in Montana. John Deere is a registered trademark of the John Deere Crop. SOLD
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