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'Oliver No. 21 Two Way Plow' (Antique Iron)

'Oliver No. 21 Two Way Plow'
This is the muscle man of the collection. An early tractor pull plow that was built for the toughest of jobs. With about an 18 to 20 inch cut, the farmer could really plow up some real estate. This puppy is heavy, around 1000 pounds, maybe more. Still has some residue of the original paint showing its Oliver red and green color scheme as well as the original 'Oliver No. 21 Two Way' stencil on each side. I have only seen two other examples of the Oliver #21 and neither had the wheel nubs left on them but had been completely worn off. This plow is in excellent condition and would be an easy restoration project if that be your intention. From North Dakota via Montana. SOLD
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